Foot Valve

  • Foot Valve X9101

    Foot Valve X9101

    Type:Other Watering & Irrigation
    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
    Brand Name:XUSHI
    Model Number:X9101
    Size:1/2″ × 14; 1/2″ × 19; 3/4″ × 14; 3/4″ × 19

  • Foot Valve X9121

    Foot Valve X9121

    The foot valve is equipped with multiple water inlets on the valve cover and equipped with a screen to reduce the inflow of debris and reduce the probability of clogging of the foot valve. Although the foot valve is equipped with an anti-clogging screen, the foot valve is generally suitable for cleaning media, and the foot valve is not suitable for media with excessive viscosity and particles.

    The foot valve is a kind of energy-saving valve, which is generally installed at the foot end of the underwater suction pipe of the water pump to restrict the liquid in the water pump pipe from returning to the water source, playing the function of only entering but not leaving.

  • Foot Valve X9111

    Foot Valve X9111

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
    Brand Name:XUSHI
    Model Number:X9111
    Application:water pump
    Size: 2″