electric thermal actuator H9003

Short Description:

Warranty:2 years
After-sale Service:Online technical support, Free spare parts
Material:Anti-flammable PC +ABS
Project Solution Capability:3D model design
Design Style:Modern
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Product Detail

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Type:Floor Heating Parts
Floor Heating Part Type:Floor Heating Thermostats
Outer shell material:PC
Control components (T):Electric heating wax sensor
The thrust F and the direction:110N > F ≥ 80N, direction: upward (NC) or downward (NO)
Connecting sleeve:M30 x 1.5mm
Ambient temperature (X):-5 ~ 60 ℃
First running time:3 min
Total stroke:3 mm
Protection class:IP54
Consumption:2 Watt
Power wiring:1.00 meter with two core


Technical Parameter
Voltage 230V (220V) 24V
Status NC
Power Consumption 2VA
Thrust 110N
Stroke 3mm
Running time 3-5min
Connection size M30*1.5mm
Ambient temperature From -5degree to 60degree
Cable Length 1000mm
Protective housing IP54


X6002 Dripper

Raw Material, The mould, Injection molding, Detection, The installation, Testing, The finished product, Warehouse, shipping.


Thermostatic heads provide the ability for each radiator to function independently from the others, creating greater comfort while simultaneously providing considerable energy savings.

When installed on a thermostatic valve and, when used in conjunction with a thermostat, thermostatic heads offer the easy regulation of the temperature in each room by controlling the delivery of water or steam to the radiator.

Designer thermostatic head with incorporated command and liquid expansion sensor Provides automatic, extra-quick modulating adjustment of space temperature. In addition to units designed for the remote determination of temperature through the use of a capillary tube that connects to the head and senses the temperature of the room, apart from the actual radiator. By simply removing the head’s cap and adjusting the unit’s two control rings, the head can be set in the locked position, which prevents further adjustment of the head, or to limit the minimum and maximum temperature range of the radiator.
The liquid-element thermostatic insert features extremely low values of thermal inertia, response time and hysteresis, providing fast reaction to heat load changes and remarkable stability in time.

In addition to thermostatic heads, thermostatic valves can also be controlled by electronic devices, such as axial servomotors and electrothermal heads, which are generally used with manifolds or mixing systems.
Axial servomotors must be managed by a climatic regulator, while electrothermal heads are managed by a thermostat.

As well as selling valves for fitting in homes we also sell commercial radiator valves, ideal for schools, hospitals and a range of other public settings.
Our selection of commercial valves features a variety of thermostatic and manual radiator valves – meaning you can choose the best valve for your customer’s requirements.

All thermostatic valves are machined to NPT requirements and can be used on traditional water and low-pressure steam radiators, as well as hydronic baseboard, panel radiators and towel bar warmers, and are compatible with any thermostatic head using an M30 x 1.5 fitting.

Our commercial offering doesn’t stop at valves and heads. We also sell commercial radiator valve sensors – which can simply be attached to older thermostats without having to drain the whole system.

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