Barbed Elbow Hose Fitting X7222

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Type:Other Watering & Irrigation
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:XUSHI
Model Number:X7222
Material:PP PE
Size :16 × 16; z20 × 20; 25 × 25

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X7222 Barbed Elbow Hose Fitting


X6002 Dripper

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Elbow an easy to use, including connection pipe, pipe connection at both ends with the intermediate connecting pipe, the outer wall of intermediate connecting pipe set equipped with fastening ring gasket, connecting pipe near the connection among bending tube outer wall is equipped with external thread, fastening ring gasket is equipped with internal thread on the wall, connection at both ends of the bent pipe ends with flange, pipe connection end set is equipped with bend nut outside activities The inner wall of the elbow nut is provided with an internal thread, and the outer wall of the fastening gasket ring is provided with an external thread; It also includes a pipe nut, which is of the same construction as an elbow nut and is threaded between the inner wall of the pipe nut and the outer wall of the fastening gasket ring. The elbow joint of the utility model can improve the tightness of the connection between the elbow joint and the oil pipe, reduce the oil leakage point and improve the quality of use.

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